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21429 Old Owen Rd
Monroe, WA, 98272
United States


Orange Star Farm, where great food grows.



The Farm

Orange Star Farm, established in 2015, is located just outside of the city of Monroe on acreage that runs along Woods Creek. We've got rich, well draining soil and good pastures that allows us to grow all shapes, sizes and species of flora and fauna.  We source seeds from all over to find just the right variety that takes into consideration not only taste, texture and beauty but also hardiness.  This means heirloom varieties and others that were bred for flavor and presentation and not just production, we do not grow GMO seed. We also grow edible flowers and perennial herbs.  We are always working to better connect the wild, natural systems on our farm with the cultivated ones, integrating perennials, trees, and shrubs to prevent erosion, water loss and better balance all the systems on our farm.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with excess - super sizes, social media sharing and special sales - we are proud to be a small farm. Every small farm is proof that that small doesn't mean insignificant.  In the realm of food and life, small to us means the everyday - talking, cooking, moving, asking, exploring, working, laughing, observing, creating.  All of these things make up our everyday and at Orange Star Farm those are the things that matter to us and inform the way we approach growing your food.

Below is an image of our upper field getting plowed under in 2015 after decades in pasture.  That rich, dark soil holds moisture and as we develop the farm will probably be the thing we tend to the most. This image has changed a lot since then and grows as the months and years progress. It is an ecosystem where things grow, die, decompose and grow again. This open, sunny space is a thriving, animated ecosystem that harnesses the power of the sun into the energy you eat.  See the slideshow below to see the progress.


The Farmer

Farmer Libby runs the day to day operations on the farm and Phil is the Managing Librarian at the Monroe Public Library by day and by night the best Farm Assistant (and husband) any gal could ask for.  Our farm dogs, Jodo and Sofie, round out the rest of our family and are (mostly) as sweet as they come, hearty eaters of farm veggies and always ready to work!

This is a farm where the everyday details of farming and life are just as important as the overarching plan.  We want to bring food to families and restaurants in Snohomish and King Counties and give rare and heirloom varieties and uncommon produce a place in today's food culture. We want to give back to our community by growing good, healthy food.  Nutrition, abundance, beauty, creativity, order, giving - just a few words that describe Libby's day to day approach at Orange Star Farm.